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You are only a this age once and I want your senior portraits to reflect exactly who you are at this special time in your life. This is possibly one of the few times you get to have the excuse to have a portrait session so why not make it your own and have fun with it! I want your senior portraits to make you feel confident, proud and represent your unique personality. Let's have a day filled with fun, music and laughter!

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to expect


The Hellos!


Once you get to the studio well greet each other and chat more about your goals for the session and go over the outfits you brought with you. I will most likely be drinking some coffee and will have some for you (or tea or water if you prefer) while we chat!


The Hair & Makeup


Makeup is highly recommended for all women. The makeup artist will give you a natural look that accentuates all of your best features and keeps you looking fresh!


Typically I do not recommend makeup for men. Although they can help with light grooming or if you are really worried about shine/glare. I do have products in the studio to help with the shine that you are welcome to use as well!


The Shoot


Once we are feeling comfortable we'll start the shooting process.


I will be coaching you along the way and as we are working through the session, we will periodically pause to review the images on a monitor. This way both you and I can see what's happening on a bigger screen to make sure we are capturing what works and fixing what isn't.


The Review


After we are done creating images well go over the final images and pick out the ones we love. Those images will then be uploaded to a private password protected proofing gallery for you to review on your own time and get feedback from those you wish to share it with.


The Delivery


When you have decided on your favorites, you can share them with me and I will get the retouching process going. Each package comes with a certain number of retouched images included but you are always welcome to purchase additional images if there are more you love than your package includes!


Your digital images will be delivered to you via digital download to your email.


session packages

Headshot Session

My Studio based headshot session fee is an even $250 and includes:

No session time limit*

Unlimited outfit changes/looks

Pre-session consultation

*I only book a few sessions a day so that you essentially get all the time needed for our session. What matters most is that each individual gets the attention necessary to create quality work that we are both proud of. By not setting a hard stop to our session, we can relax knowing that we have the time to create something wonderful. We might knock it out of the park in the first few minutes of shooting or it might take a little while to get there. Either way, we will have the time to work through expressions, angles, positioning, outfits, etc without worrying about a time crunch.

You are in complete control of the final cost depending on how many images you need. You can order as many or as few as you require. Final images are $50/each and include professional retouching.


Retouched images: $50/image

24hr delivery: $50/image

Makeup: Varies by artist

Call today to schedule your senior session 773.377.5537 or click here to inquire and I'll be in touch!

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