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My friends and family are always a priority

I am obsessed with food, coffee and geeking out over the things I love.

You can usually catch me biking through the city all year round (even though Chicago winters).

I am definitely a night owl (although I am trying to be better about that)


I always have a camera with me


Like most photographers, I had a camera in hand at a young age. I remember covering my walls with the photos I would get printed weekly at my local drug store. I soon became obsessed with the way the light fell on my subjects face and how to achieve that perfect light.

My passion truly lies in connecting with others and photography has allowed me the opportunity to connect with people, tell their stories and capture their beauty.

This means I am not just here to press a button. Beyond the technical aspects of photography, I am here to learn what makes you unique and beautiful and capture that in my images.

I would love the opportunity to connect with you!

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